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PPI #178: 5 Habits That Will Make You POWERFUL Beyond Belief

Eric Partaker

5 Habits That Will Make You POWERFUL Beyond Belief // You are powerful! Or at least you will be as soon as you implement these five habits into your lifestyle. If you want to strengthen yourself and fix your life then you have to start believing in yourself, so start by checking out these habits of successful people, presented by Eric Partaker, peak performance expert and coach. By the end of this video you will be ready to embrace self development and personal growth so you can take the next step to living the life of your dreams.


Rise And Shine – Wake up early, have that little time for yourself. Use it to exercise, plan for the day ahead, or maybe improve your learning and development. When you start your day off in the right way, it will have an incredibly powerful effect on the rest of your day. It sets you up for success!

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail – Ask yourself what are the top three things that you want to achieve this week? Planning makes you are aware of what you need to be doing and when It provides you with a sense of relief,

There Is Only One You, And That Is Your Strength –  Avoid comparing yourself to others. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. Everyday you have an opportunity to be that little bit better than the person you were yesterday. Identify as your best self and smash the day ahead! 

Stay Hungry – There is so much out there, there is so much to learn. If you stay hungry, the world will give you endless possibilities. Stay motivated, and keep fighting to achieve your goals! 

Just Pause! – Master the art of pausing. There are countless things on a daily basis that can trigger you and bring out the worst in you. If you pause after the triggering effect, that gives you time to choose the best way to respond.



Eric Partaker: Today, I’m going to share with you five habits that will increase your power in both work and life.

Hi, my name is Eric Partaker, and I’ve been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. I’m also the author of two best-selling books, including The 3 Alarms. 

First up, wake up early. You get so much more done when you’re able to prioritize your day, have that little bit of time for yourself. Use some time to exercise, use some time to think about what it is that you want to be doing today, use some time maybe with your learning and development. And all of that can happen when you wake up a little bit early. It need only be an hour earlier than your normal wake-up time, but try it out. Try it for a week.

Go to bed one hour earlier, and wake up one hour earlier. So that the books that you’ve been wanting to read get read, so that the exercise that you want to be happening, happens. So that the reflection or the meditation or the affirmations or the visualization, whatever floats your boat, morning routine wise, wake up a little bit earlier, so that those things can happen.

When you start your morning off in the right way, it has an incredibly powerful effect on the rest of your day. It sets your day up literally for success. 

Once the day starts, you don’t have as much control. But you have an incredible amount of control in your morning, because it’s typically just you at home, on your own. So, take advantage of that, maximize that. And that is a way to absolutely increase your power in work and life, by giving yourself the time that you need every single morning. 

Number two, set regular action plans on a weekly basis. I always think, “What are the top three things that I want to do this week?” I do that typically on a Sunday. I know some people who do that on a Friday afternoon, it works well for them. They go into the weekend not thinking about anything, because they’ve already planned the week at the end of the current week that they’re in.

But the point is, by having regular action plans, it gives you a sense of relief, because you know what you’re going to be doing and when, and you feel like you’re on top of everything. I plan my week, once again on Sundays, and then on a daily basis, when a day ends, I look at the day and I look at the next day and I always plan, “What are the top three things that I’m going to do the following day?” I schedule them into my day as well. I do that week in and week out, and day in and day out.

And when I get to the end of a quarter, I do a similar thing where I think about the quarter to come. I say, “Okay, if this was going to be the best quarter of my life, health wise, wealth wise, relationship wise, what are the goals that I should be working towards? Who can help me? What are the due dates for those goals? How can I break those goals down? How can I create robust action plans to guide me, so that I make the most of my time?” 

Number three, avoid comparing yourself to others. There’s only one person that you should compare yourself against. Do you know who that is? You. You should compare yourself against yourself. You should ask yourself today, “Am I better than the person I was yesterday?” And tomorrow, you should ask yourself, “Am I better than the person I was today?” And we keep doing that. And day by day, we get better and better and better.

You’re only in a race against your old self. Every day, you have an opportunity for your new self to do a little bit better and go a little bit further ahead in that race than the previous version of you. And that’s the only person that you should be comparing yourself against. 

Number four, stay hungry. There’s so much out there. There’s so much to learn. There’s so much to experience. There’s so much to just go through and be a part of. And if you stay hungry, if you stay open to that, the world will give you endless possibilities. It will fill that tank every single day, so that it overflows. But you need to stay hungry for that to happen. 

Number five, master the art of the pause. There are so many things on a daily basis that trigger us, that bring out the worst in us. And those very things are our path to becoming more powerful, to becoming stronger, to becoming more confident. Because when those things happen, we have a choice. Do we respond in an optimal way or do we respond in a suboptimal way? 

And if you master the art of the pause, if you just pause after that trigger event has happened, so that you can choose, what’s the best way to respond to that? Rather than just going straight into some kind of suboptimal response, you become powerful beyond belief. 

And I’d love to hear from you. So don’t forget to leave a comment and a rating as well. And if you’d like to get a copy of my new book, The 3 Alarms, please head over to my website at That’s E-R-I-C,, where you can pick up a free digital copy of my new best-selling book, The 3 Alarms.

Eric has been named "CEO of the Year" at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the UK" by Startups Magazine, and among "Britain's 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs" by The Telegraph.

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