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To scale your business you must also scale yourself and your leadership

Scaling a business isn’t as simple as just focusing on the business. Our CEO Coaching and leadership training teaches you to play at the top of your game, while leading effectively and confidently.

But the numbers aren’t exactly stacked in your favor…

But here’s the secret I learned many years ago – you don’t have to overcome these odds on your own. And with the right support and accountability, you can reach the next level in both your business and life.

I’ve been in your shoes

I understand the pressures of entrepreneurship and leadership.

For years I didn’t feel balanced. I often felt overworked. And my success felt inconsistent.

Then through a process of marginal gains, I re-engineered my approach to work and life. 

I began researching evidence-based studies in psychology, neuroscience, habit change, leadership, and peak performance. I completed a coaching certification with the High Performance Institute, as well as a coaching certification and apprenticeship with Professor BJ Fogg, who leads Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab.

Implementing what I had learned, I started to show up at my best, not just on the work front, but also the health and home fronts. I began to produce far more, with much less effort. And I was able to maintain my success consistently, no matter what came my way.

Over the years I’ve advised Fortune 50 CEOs while at McKinsey & Company, helped build Skype’s multi-billion dollar success story, and built several of my own businesses.

Along the way I’ve been recognized as the “CEO of the Year” at the 2019 BEF Awards, and one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the UK” by Startups Magazine.

Now I’m on a mission to coach CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses and reach their full potential.

Here’s What to Expect

Most business or CEO Coaching focuses only on scaling the business. I do things differently and help you scale three pillars in parallel. You, your leadership, and the business. You must optimize all three pillars to reach your full potential.

Become a Peak Performer

Here I train in evidence-based peak performance principles so you’re able to perform at your absolute best. We also take a holistic approach, so that you’re not just winning on the work front, but also on the health and home fronts.

Become a Great CEO

In my own journey, I recognized it was one thing to start a company as a founder, and another to scale one as a CEO. During our work together I share the secrets that led to my “CEO of the Year” recognition, so you become a stronger, more decisive, inspiring, and reliable leader. 

Scale Your Business

I help you scale your business drawing on whichever experience is most relevant. Whether it’s strategy from my time with McKinsey & Company, execution from helping blitz scale Skype to a $2.6 billion exit to eBay, or people management from having employed over 2,000 people in the restaurant chain that I built.

Your Plan To Scale Your Business & Reach Your Full Potential

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What Others Have To Say

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Stephen Kelly

Ex-CEO Sage, Micro Focus, Chordiant & Chief Operating Officer UK Government. No 1 on the UK’s Most Influential Tech 500 Power List, Mentor of the Year & Evening Standard Top 3 Businesspeople of 2018. Stephen is a successful serial CEO with unique experience in FTSE 100 & Nasdaq companies, creating approximately $10bn of market value under his leadership.

“Greater clarity, focus, and energy.”

“I’ve experienced greater levels of clarity, focus, and energy in life. As a successful entrepreneur, I thought I had all the bases covered, but now I realize I can reach even higher levels of success and happiness.”

– Zeta Hade


“More productive, happier & aligned.”

“Eric’s program shines a light on several areas of my life, many layers deep, which are driving progress in my work – while simultaneously making me more productive, happier, and aligned.”

– Olly Richards


“A game-changer for work and life.”

“Eric’s program has been a game-changer for my work and life. I feel like he’s giving me the cheat codes to life. And I can trust these codes will work because I can see him applying them successfully.”

– Idahosa Ness



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Are you operating at your full potential?

Take the 3 minute test to find out.