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PPI #158: The 12 Surprising Signs of Mentally Strong People

Eric Partaker

The 12 Surprising Signs of Mentally Strong People // Are you mentally strong? Well then, check out the signs and habits of mentally strong people brought to you by peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker. In this inspirational video, you will see how you can reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself by developing a strong mind and building resilience.


Do You Let People Walk All Over You? – Where in your life are you allowing someone to take advantage of you? How would the best version of yourself advise you in this situation?

Say NO And Be True To Yourself – Being of service to the world and helping others creates incredible benefits to both you and others, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Ensure you can devote enough time and energy to what matters most to you.

Are You A People Pleaser? – Don’t try and please everybody. Ensure you are also prioritizing your happiness and dreams.

Fix Your Own Problem! – Take the lead, take ownership of your situations and find solutions to problems yourself. Don’t wait for others to come in and solve them for you. 

You’re Wrong! Admit it! – Acknowledge when you make mistakes. Mistakes are secretly learning opportunities there to help you grow and progress. 

Be Patient! – Play the long game. The pain of discipline that you experience today is much cheaper than the pain of regret.

Their Opinions Are Irrelevant – You are resilient! If people say negative things to you, it will only make you stronger!

We Rise By Lifting Others – Do it out of kindness, not obligation. Mentally strong people still have enough energy and drive within them to give to others, purely out of kindness. 

The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything! – You are not entitled. The success you crave in life requires dedication, hard work and effort. 

How Adaptable Are You? – Experiencing stress in situations makes you stronger. Look forward to uncomfortable situations. Embrace them!

Exercise Empathy – Think and feel another person’s point of view even if it’s not your own. Be able to extend your hand to someone else to comfort and console them to help them through tough times.


Life can be challenging, but it’s impossible to beat someone who refuses to surrender. And today I’m going to take you through the 12 surprising signs of mentally strong people. Use it as a checklist and ask yourself to what degree are you doing each of these 12 things, so that you can become that person who refuses to surrender and, no matter what, achieves what you set out to achieve. Hi, I’m Eric Partaker, and I’ve been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country, and I’m also the author of two bestselling books, including The 3 Alarms.

So 12 surprising signs of people who are mentally strong. Number one, you cannot be taken advantage of. A mentally strong person, they don’t let people just walk all over them. They don’t let people extort them. They don’t let people push them to do things that they don’t want to do. They stand up for themselves, and they do not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. So here’s a question for you. Where in your life are you perhaps allowing somebody else to walk on you? Where in your life are you letting somebody take advantage of you? And if it was the best, most strongest, courageous version of you, how would that version advise you in this situation? How would that version of you direct you in terms of your next steps? So are you being taken advantage of, and what are you going to be doing about it?

Number two, you have the ability to say no and be true to yourself. This may or may not relate to the first point, but the thing is, is that you can’t just be a yes-man or a yes-woman and just say yes to absolutely everything. What are your truths? What are your ambitions? What are your dreams? What are the things that you want to be doing? And are all the things that you’re constantly saying yes to, are they supporting you in that regard? You can’t be a martyr and just give yourself completely to others. You also have to work on your own goals, your own dreams. Yes, of course, being of service to the world and helping others achieve their dreams creates incredible benefits for both the people that you’re helping and for you, but don’t lose yourself in the process, and make sure that you’re saying no and you’re staying true to yourself, such that you can be devoting enough of your time and energy to the things that will also help you achieve your dreams.

Number three, following on from the previous point, you do not try to please everyone. Again, a question for you. Do you feel like you’re trying to please all the people in your life all the time? Ask yourself, what is that doing for you? Is it helping you, again, become the person that you want to be? Is it helping you achieve more, do more? Is it helping you feel better about yourself, become the best version of yourself? Or is it draining you? Or is it sometimes making you question, “What is it that I’m doing here? Why am I doing this?” Make sure that you’re not trying to please everyone. And once again, make sure that you’re also trying to please yourself.

Number four, you find solutions to your own problems. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help because that could be part of the way in which you find a solution for a problem that you’re trying to solve, but you take the leadership of finding that solution. You take the lead. You take ownership that you need to find the solution to the problem yourself. You can’t wait for others to come in and solve your problems for you. So to what degree are you finding solutions to your problems? 

Number five, you admit when you’re wrong. One of the strongest ways to develop mental strength is to acknowledge that you’re not always right, to acknowledge the fact that you make mistakes because they’re not mistakes really at the end of the day. They’re learning opportunities. They’re learning moments. You might have said something that you regret to maybe a friend or a family member or a colleague, and that is an opportunity for you to learn and actually become mentally stronger in the process, by admitting where it was that you went wrong. Maybe you did something that was wrong. Admit it. Be vulnerable. The act of doing this, the act of acknowledging your mistakes, in that same breath, you are also becoming stronger mentally as well. Number six, a mentally strong person, they do not mind their own company. They have the ability to sit there in silence, if needed, just with themselves, because they know that there is mental strength in solitude.

Number seven, you are patient to wait to see the results of your actions. You don’t need everything right now all the time. You don’t need instant gratification, instant results. You’re able to play the long game, knowing that the pain of discipline that you experienced today is much cheaper than the pain of regret of having not taken action towards the things that you know you should be working on.

Number eight, you do not let the opinions of others affect you. You’re resilient to that, even antifragile to that. Whereby if people are saying negative things towards you, it only makes you stronger.

Number nine, you enjoy helping others out of kindness, not obligation. Mentally strong people still have enough in them to give to others. They still have enough in them to help people purely out of kindness. Number 10, the world does not owe you anything. You are not entitled. You recognize, as a mentally strong person, that the success that you want in life, the benefits that you want in life, the positive experience that you want life, they require dedication, hard work and effort, and you’re willing to put that in.

Number 11, you are adaptable and stay strong in uncomfortable and unpredictable situations. You know that experiencing the stress of those very situations is the very thing that also makes you stronger, and you look forward to those moments. You embrace them. You step towards them because you know your strength and development lies through them and within them.

Number 12, you exhibit empathy and compassion. Empathy in that you’re able to think and feel from another person’s point of view, even if it’s not your own, and compassion in that you’re able to extend your heart out to someone else and to comfort and console them and help them get through whatever that challenging moment is, and you can only do both of those things if you’re mentally strong yourself. And I’d love to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave a comment and a rating as well. And if you’d like to get a copy of my new book, The 3 Alarms, please head over to my website at That’s E-R-I-C,, where you could pick up a free digital copy of my new bestselling book, The 3 Alarms.

Eric has been named "CEO of the Year" at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the UK" by Startups Magazine, and among "Britain's 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs" by The Telegraph.

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