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PPI #143: How to DESTROY Self Doubt

Eric Partaker

How to Destroy Self Doubt// Do you find yourself being overcome by self-doubt? In this video you will learn how you can become the greatest you and reach your full potential by destroying self doubt. Watch until the end to improve your lifestyle habits, eliminate self-destructive behaviors, improve self-confidence and smack down self-doubt. Becoming the greatest you and reaching your full potential isn’t easy but this is a great place to start, find the motivation to work on yourself today and achieve your most ambitious goals in life.


Find The Route Of Your Self Doubt – Is the doubt coming from within, or is it being expressed by someone else around you? Finding the route is the first step to fixing the problem. 

Take Care Of How You Speak To Yourself – Whether you believe you can or can not, you’re right! Ensure you’re putting your belief into what you want to achieve. Start your day with positive affirmations. 

What Is Your Purpose? – Why are you trying to reach your goals? Connecting to your purpose will help you realize your full potential both professionally and personally and in turn reduce your self doubt. 

Learn From Others – Self doubt can stem from previous failures. There is a world of wisdom around you. Ensure you are reaching out and connecting with others to fuel your knowledge and reduce feelings of self doubt. 

Are You Striving For Perfection? – Perfection is unattainable. Focus on action instead of perfection. It is through action that you become closer to the ideal you’re seeking. 


Too many people let self-doubt come into the picture and it cripples their confidence. But today I’m going to give you some powerful strategies that you can use to overcome self-doubt, improve your life, improve your self-confidence, and finally, step into becoming the best version of yourself.

Hi, my name is Eric Partaker and I’m a peak performance expert, and I’ve also been recognized as the CEO of the year. I’m also the author of two best-selling books, including The 3 Alarms.

Now, self-doubt is something that I definitely have a lot of personal awareness with. I can definitely personally relate to it because I could just think about, for example, producing content in the form of my email newsletter, writing blogs, doing the podcast, creating videos. I had never done any of that before, and I doubted my ability to do it, but by consistently applying myself, by being persistent, by trying to learn from others and showing up day in and day out, I developed my self-confidence over time and that self doubt suddenly just disappeared.

So number one, to eliminate your self-doubt you need to start with diagnosing what or who it’s coming from. Is it coming from within, for example, or is the doubt being expressed by someone else towards you? If it’s being expressed by someone else towards you, you need to ask yourself a question, “Is there a helpful criticism in there that if I actioned, if I learned from would help me achieve at a better level, would help me do better, would help me achieve more?” Or is it unwarranted? And if it’s unwarranted, then you just need to ignore the naysayers. If the self-doubt is from within, then you need to also understand what does that link to? Is it really linked to me? Is it something a belief from childhood? Is it a belief because I have failed at this previously? But understand where is this doubt coming from.

Next step, you need to change your inner talk. So whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right. So make sure that you’re putting your belief in the place that’s going to help you achieve what it is that you want to achieve. Start your day with some positive affirmations. Look in the past that similar struggles or challenges that you’ve faced, that you’ve overcome. So it doesn’t need to be an exact replica of what you’re facing right now, but you can think back about other examples of things that have been equally challenging, perhaps, but maybe in a different way, maybe in a different arena and use that as a confidence booster, use that as a way to help you overcome the self-doubt that you’re feeling. 

Number three, you can connect to your purpose. Why is it that you’re doing what you’re doing? Often that can be an incredible way to overcome any self-doubt. If we go back to the example that I gave earlier about creating content, it was something that I hadn’t done before. So I had a lot of doubts around that, but then I connected to my purpose. Why am I doing this? And it’s to help people realize their full potential professionally and personally. It’s to help people play a bigger game, it’s to help people reach that next level, it’s to help people close the gap between the current and best self to become all that they’re capable of being. And when I reconnect to that purpose, it helps me overcome any self-doubt that I have. It helps me avoid worrying about any criticism. It helps me avoid thinking that what I’m doing is not serving or of good enough quality. When I connect back to that purpose, it allows me to step out boldly onto a stage, in front of a camera, to write that blog, to write that email, newsletter. It allows me to serve because I’m connecting to that much, much deeper purpose that goes way beyond me. 

Number four, seek to learn from others. Often we have a lot of doubts because we’ve maybe never done something before, we failed that in the past, but there’s always examples of people around us who have gone through similar experiences, or maybe haven’t gone through exactly the same experience but have experienced similar levels of difficulty or challenge. And by seeking advice from others, it can fuel our self-confidence. It can help us overcome those self doubts. There’s so much wisdom around you. So make sure that you reach out and connect with it and use that as your fuel to achieve greatness.

Last but not least, if you want to overcome self doubt stop focusing on perfection and instead focus on action. It’s through action that you become closer and closer to the ideal that you’re seeking. Although you have to realize that you’ll never get there, you’ll never become perfect, but it’s through action that we learn. It’s through action that we realize our fullest potential. So employ these five strategies to help you overcome self-doubt, to help you close that gap between your current and best self. And I’d love to hear from you. So don’t forget to leave a comment and a rating as well. And if you’d like to get a copy of my new book, The 3 Alarms, please head over to my website That’s E-R-I-C,, where you can pick up a free digital copy of my new best-selling book, The 3 Alarms.

Eric has been named "CEO of the Year" at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the UK" by Startups Magazine, and among "Britain's 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs" by The Telegraph.

Are you operating at your full potential?

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