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How to be an innovator and connect with your creative spirit | Josh Linkner

Eric Partaker

Josh Linkner is an esteemed tech entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, creative innovator, keynote speaker and professional jazz guitarist. He has been the founder and CEO of five tech companies, which sold for a combined value of over $200 million. He’s expertise on innovation has led him to writing four books on the subject including his most notable work, ‘Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention’. Josh also takes the time to discuss his latest book ‘Big Little Breakthroughs’. 

Josh is passionate about starting and building companies. He’s the co-founder and Managing Partner of Muditā Venture Partners – an early-stage venture capital firm – and was previously the CEO and founding partner of Detroit Venture Partners. Over the last 30 years, he’s helped over 100 startups launch and scale. Today, Josh serves as Chairman and co-founder of Platypus Labs, an innovation research, training, and consulting firm. He has twice been named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and is a recipient of the United States Presidential Champion of Change Award.

Josh is also a passionate Detroiter, the father of four, a professional-level jazz guitarist, and has a slightly odd obsession for greasy pizza. Both his business and life experiences make him an extremely interesting guest to have on the 2% Podcast, so we are very excited to pick the brain of the creative troublemaker that is Josh Linkner.

Eric has been named "CEO of the Year" at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the UK" by Startups Magazine, and among "Britain's 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs" by The Telegraph.

Are you operating at your full potential?

Take the 3 minute test to find out.