Are you operating at your full potential? Take the 3 minute test to find out.


To successfully scale a company, you must also scale your leadership team.

Leadership Level-Up™

    Leadership Level-Up is a 3-month online coaching and mentoring program, with a session every 2 weeks for up to 90 minutes.

    The program is based on cutting edge research and world-class work experiences weaving together knowledge based on:

    • Helping over 100 companies scale to date
    • Advising Fortune 50 CEOs at McKinsey & Company
    • A coaching certification and apprenticeship with Professor BJ Fogg, who leads Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab
    • A myriad of evidence-based studies in psychology, neuroscience, habit change, leadership, and peak performance
    • My personal leadership and management journey, which culminated in the CEO of the Year recognition
    • Research from the High Performance Institute, which has conducted the world’s largest ever study of high performers – over 175,000 data points –  revealing the habits shared by the world’s most successful people

    Across 7 modules the program helps participants do the following:

    • Define what great leadership looks like and how to lead more intentionally on a day-to-day basis  
    • Develop a leadership mindset and key leadership behaviors
    • Understand and develop emotional intelligence
    • Maximizing Physical & Mental Health (Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Clarity) for self and team
    • Improve both planning & execution, including use of OKRs
    • Develop antifragility and emotional control
    • Give and receive feedback 
    • Drive self and team accountability
    • Coach rather than solve their team’s problems
    • Delegate in an empowered way while also developing others
    • Improve productivity and the ability to switch off.

    Are you operating at your full potential?

    Take the 3 minute test to find out.